The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design Announces 39th Annual Origins Awards Winners

COLUMBUS, OH (June 15, 2013) The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design is proud to announce the winners for the 39th Annual Origins Awards.

The Origins Awards are presented annually by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design to recognize outstanding achievement in design and production of games and game-related products.

The winners were voted on by attendees at the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH on June 12th – June 16th from the nominees in each category chosen by retailers at the GAMA Trade Show. The winners were announced at the Origins Awards Ceremony on the evening of Saturday, June 15th.

The Academy would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to the jury members, GAMA staff, and everyone who submitted a product to the 39th annual Origins Awards.

Please congratulate these companies!

Best Roleplaying Game
Marvel Heroic RPG Basic – Margaret Weis Productions – Designed by Cam Banks, Rob Donoghue, Jack Norris, Jesse Scoble, Aaron Sullivan, Chad Underkoffler

Best Roleplaying Supplement or Adventure
Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Civil War Essentials Edition Event Book – Margaret Weis Productions

Best Board Game
Lords of Waterdeep – Wizards of the Coast – Designed by Peter Lee and Rodney Thompson

Best Collectible Card Game
Legend of the 5 Rings: Embers of War – AEG

Best Traditional Card Game
Doctor Who the Card Game – Cubicle 7 Entertainment/Treefrog Games – Designed by Martin Wallace

Best Family, Party or Children’s Game
Quarriors! Dice Building Game – Wizkids – Designed by Michael Elliot and Eric M. Lang

Best Gaming Accessory
Metal Steampunk Dice Set – Q Workshop – Designed by Shannon Couture and Blazej Walczak

Best Miniatures Rules
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Campaign Starter Set – WizKids

Best Historical Miniatures Rules
Flames of War: Open Fire! – Battlefront Miniatures, LTD.

Best Historical Miniatures Rules Supplements
Flames of War: Nuts – Battlefront Miniatures, LTD. – Designed by Michael Haught

Best Historical Board Game
Samurai Battles – Zvezda –Designed by Richard Borg and Konstantin Krivenko

Best Publications
Battletech: Weapons Free – Catalyst Game Labs – Edited by Jason Schmetzer

Best Miniature Figure Line
Marvel HeroClix: Galactic Guardians – Wizkids Games

Best Miniature Figure Rules
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Campaign Start Set – WizKids Games


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